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Baby Boy Names
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  Name Meaning Origin Save
Boy Aglaval Brother of Percival Arthurian Legend
Boy Agravain Brother of Gawain Arthurian Legend
Boy Agrican From the field French
Boy Aguistin Majestic Irish
Boy Agustin Majestic dignity: grandeur. Spanish
Boy Agustine Majestic dignity: grandeur. German
Boy Agyfen Gives Anglo-Saxon
Boy Ahane From the little ford Irish
Boy Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin) Native American
Boy Ahearn Lord of the horses Irish
Boy Ahearn Lord of the horses Celtic
Boy Aheawan Cuts down Anglo-Saxon
Boy Ahebban Wages war Anglo-Saxon
Boy Ahern Lord of the horses Celtic
Boy Ahern Lord of the horses Irish
Boy Ahiga He fights (Navajo) Native American
Boy Ahmad Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Arabic
Boy Ahmar Immortal Sanskrit
Boy Ahmed Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Arabic
Boy Ahmik Beaver Native American
Boy Ahote Restless one (Hopi) Native American
Boy Ahreddan Rescues Anglo-Saxon
Boy Ahren Eagle German
Boy Ahsalom Father of peace Hebrew
Boy Ahtunowhiho One who lives below (Cheyenne) Native American
Boy Aibne River Scottish
Boy Aidan Fiery. Irish
Boy Aidan Name of a saint Anglo-Saxon
Boy Aidan Fire Celtic
Boy Aidan To help. Old French
Boy Aidann Unknown
Boy Aiden Fire Celtic
Boy Aiden Fiery. Irish
Boy Aidrian From the Adriatic Irish
Boy Aiekin Oaken English
Boy Aiken Oaken English
Boy Aiken Oaken Anglo-Saxon
Boy Aikin Oaken English
Boy Ail From the stony place Scottish
Boy Ailbe Intelligent or noble German
Boy Ailbert Noble Scottish
Boy Ailean Handsome Scottish
Boy Ailein From the green meadow Scottish
Boy Ailfrid Wise Irish
Boy Ailill Mythical king of Connaught Celtic
Boy Ailin Handsome Irish
Boy Aillig From the stony place Scottish
Boy Ain Merciful English
Boy Aindreas Strong Irish
Boy Aindreas Strong Scottish
Boy Aineislis Glorious stand Irish
Boy Ainmire Great lord Irish
Boy Ainsley From the awe inspiring one's meadow English
Boy Ainslie From Ann's meadow English
Boy Ainsworth From Ann's estate English
Boy Airell Nobleman Celtic
Boy Airleas Pledge Irish
Boy Aisford Lives by the ash tree ford English
Boy Aisley Lives in the ash tree grove English
Boy Aiston From the ash tree farm English
Boy Aitan Strong Hebrew
Boy Ajani He Who Wins the Struggle. Victorious. African
Boy Ajay Unconquerable, Invincible Indian
Boy Ajmal Handsome Arabic
Boy Akando Ambush Native American
Boy Akecheta Fighter (Sioux) Native American
Boy Akhil World, Whole Perfect Entire, Complete, All encompassing Unknown
Boy Akiba Replaces Hebrew
Boy Akil Intelligent Arabic
Boy Akim God will establish Hebrew
Boy Akir Anchor Scottish
Boy Akiva Replaces Hebrew
Boy Akker From the oak tree English
Boy Akram Generous Arabic
Boy Aksel Father of peace German
Boy Aksel Father of peace Hebrew
Boy Akshat One who cannot be injured Unknown
Boy Akub Replaces Hebrew
Boy Akule Looks up Native American
Boy Al An abbreviation of names beginning with Al- English
Boy Al'alim Omniscient Arabic
Boy Alahhaois Famous soldier Irish
Boy Alain Handsome French
Boy Alain From Alain le Gros one of the Fisher kings Arthurian Legend
Boy Alan Fair: handsome. See also Allen. Celtic
Boy Alan Fair: handsome. See also Allen. English
Boy Alano Handsome Spanish
Boy Alanson Son of Allan Celtic
Boy Alanzo Form of Alphonse: see Alfonso. Spanish
Boy Alaric Noble leader German
Boy Alarick Noble leader German
Boy Alarico Rules all Spanish
Boy Alarik Noble leader German
Boy Alasdair Defender of mankind. Variant of Alexander Scottish
Boy Alastair Defender of man Scottish
Boy Alba A place name. Spanish
Boy Albaric Blond ruler French
Boy Albern Noble warrior English
Boy Albert Noble: bright. Prince Albert was Queen Victoria's consort noted for enthusiastic support of the application of science to the modern industrial age. Albert Einstein devised the Theory of Relativity. English
Boy Albert Intelligent or noble German
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