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  Name Meaning Origin Save
Boy Saadya God's helper Hebrew
Girl Saarah Princess. Arabic
Girl Sabana From the open plain Spanish
Boy Saber Sword French
Boy Sabih Handsome Arabic
Girl Sabina A Sabine Spanish
Boy Sabino A Sabine Spanish
Boy Sabir Patient Arabic
Girl Sabirah Of great patience Arabic
Girl Sabiya Morning eastern wind Arabic
Girl Sabra To rest Hebrew
Girl Sabria Daughter of Cyprus. Unknown
Girl Sabrina Legendary princess English
Girl Sachi Happiness, Blessing and Good Fortune Japenese
Boy Sachin Precious Latin
Girl Sadbh Good Irish
Girl Sadhbba Wise Irish
Girl Sadhbh Wise Irish
Girl Sadie Princess Hebrew
Boy Sadiq Friend Arabic
Girl Sadira Ostrich running from water Arabic
Girl Sadler Life will go on and on. Open-minded. Unknown
Boy Saebeorht Glory at sea English
Boy Saeger Seaman English
Boy Saelac Blessed German
Boy Saelig From the happy meadow English
Boy Saewald Sea powerful English
Boy Saeweard Sea guardian English
Girl Safa Innocent Arabic
Boy Safford From the willow ford English
Boy Safin small name of Islamic Prophet, Muhammad SAW Arabic
Girl Safiwah Tranquil Arabic
Girl Safiya Unknown African
Boy Sagar Wise one. Surname. English
Boy Sage Wise one. English
Boy Sage Wise one. French
Boy Saghir Short Arabic
Girl Sagirah Little one Arabic
Boy Sagramour A knight Arthurian Legend
Boy Sagremor A knight Arthurian Legend
Boy Sahale Falcon Native American
Girl Sahar Awakening Arabic
Girl Sahara Arabic
Boy Sahir Wakeful Arabic
Girl Saidah Fortunate Arabic
Girl Saidie Courteous,faithful. Unknown
Girl Saige Wise, healthy. Latin
Girl Saina Princess Greek
Boy Sakeri Remembered by God Hebrew
Boy Sakima King Native American
Girl Sakura Cherry Blossom. Japan
Boy Sal Savior. Diminutive of Salvador. Spanish
Girl Salali Squirrel (Cherokee) Native American
Boy Salamon Peaceful Hebrew
Girl Salbatora Savior Spanish
Boy Salbatore Savior Spanish
Boy Saleem Peaceful. Arabic
Boy Salem Peace. Biblical name of ancient city later identified with Jerusalem. Hebrew
Boy Salem Peace Arabic
Boy Salford From the willow ford English
Boy Salhdene From the willow valley English
Boy Salhford From the willow ford English
Boy Salhtun Lives near the willow farm English
Boy Salim Peace Arabic
Girl Sallie Princess Hebrew
Boy Sallsbury From the fortified keep English
Girl Sally Princess Hebrew
Girl Salma Ambitious Spanish
Girl Saloma Tranquil Hebrew
Girl Salome Tranquil Hebrew
Girl Salomeaexl Tranquil Hebrew
Boy Salomon Peace. Variant of Shalom. Spanish
Boy Salton Lives near the willow farm English
Boy Salvador Savior. Spanish
Girl Salvadora Savior Spanish
Boy Salvadore Savior Spanish
Girl Salvatora Savior Spanish
Boy Salvatore Savior Spanish
Boy Salvino Savior. Diminutive of Salvador. Spanish
Girl Samantha Name of God Hebrew
Girl Samar Conversations at night Arabic
Girl Samara Protected by God Hebrew
Girl Samarah Mountain, outlook, ruled by god. Hebrew
Girl Sameh Forgiver Arabic
Boy Sami All hearing Arabic
Girl Samirah Woman who entertains Arabic
Boy Samman Grocer Arabic
Girl Sammy Jo Sammy means name of God. Jo is an abbreviation of names like Joanna and Josephin. Also used as a prefix in compound names like Jobeth and Jolisa. Hebrew,English
Girl Sammy-jo Unknown
Girl Samoanna Princess American Samoa
Boy Samoel Name of God. Biblical prophet and judge who anointed Saul and David as kings of Israel. Sami: (Arabic) honored Hebrew
Boy Sampson The sun. Biblical Samson was given superhuman strength by God. Hebrew
Boy Samson Bright sun Hebrew
Boy Samuel Asked of God Hebrew
Girl Samuela Asked of God Hebrew
Girl Sanaa Work of Art, Beauty. Swahili
Girl Sanayah Eminent or Prominent. Unknown
Boy Sanborn From the sandy brook English
Boy Sanbourne From the sandy brook English
Girl Sancha Holy Spanish
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